What’s Stopping Me From Reaching My Potential?

What is my potential? It seems a simple question, yet one that perplexes me to no end. When i think about growing up, i think about going to University and then getting a solid job that nets me a decent income. There has to be something more for me to be a part of. I struggle to find what my potential in this world while i’m stuck in a restrictive system that treats me as one hundreds. I know i am a unique individual, as we all are. We are all destined for different things, different potentials to reach. How are we expected to know our potential when we are educated and taught to live the same lives? The school system is what oppresses our potential and prevents us from unleashing ourselves as individuals. I’ve always thought about how i will progress and life and what sort of life i want to lead. The problem is that i always view it as such a distant thing, thinking that i can put work into it down the line and become something i want to be at a better, more convenient time. I’m starting to realize that even though i’m in a rigid system, i need to start taking the steps to become an individual where i can achieve my potential, rather than just be another faceless individual. Too many times we pass up opportunities that would help enlighten us to what our potential. Risk taking is something i have often been hesitant to do in my life. I now find myself not completely knowing who i am or what i want for myself in the future. Hopefully i can begin to change what i do with my life so i can figure out my potential.


2 thoughts on “What’s Stopping Me From Reaching My Potential?

  1. I agree with what you have said about the “restrictive system that treats me as one hundreds.” The way that has been designed is not made so in order to discover potential and does not allow individuals to flourish and discover their strengths and weaknesses. It is pretty much left up to us discover these on our own which really should be something we could be assisted in finding throughout our education,


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