Personality/Learning Type Reflection

Through taking the 3 personality/learning style tests I have learned new aspects about myself that I wasn’t aware of before. I learned that I am a Multimodal learner, Abstract Sequential and an ISTJ (Introvert, sensing, thinking, judging).

Before taking these tests, I had never really identified with a style of receiving information that seemed better than the other ways. So in that aspect, I’m not surprised that I was labeled at a multimodal learner. The highest category I scored in was aural, with a 7. I’m not surprised I got the highest mark in aural because I always found things to be more interesting when someone of experience was explaining them to me. Although it would have been interesting to have one style of learning which works way better than the others, I’m happy to multimodal. I believe being multimodal is an asset to help my learning.

After receiving a result of Abstract Sequential, I couldn’t help but to think that I’m more of a Concrete Sequential. I have always felt that I’ve looked at things straightforward and not thought too much more about them, or that there may be a different side to them. According to Gregorc, those are concrete traits. So I do disagree with what I got, but not completely. I think I have seen a lot of my traits come out at work, as it brought out a lot of things I never had really seen in myself before. Things that I noticed at work was how it was really hard for me to work in an unorganized environment, not having enough time to do a job properly and continually doing the same task.

I have mixed feelings about getting ISTJ for personality type. I can agree with being an Introvert, as after being around people for a while it feels good to be alone to relax and recharge. I was given sensing over intuition, which I can agree with. I agree because I tend to just think about what is concrete, what is actually happening. I seldom try and read between the lines and infer more. For thinking vs feeling, I got thinking and I can definitely agree with that. I think that part of me sometimes come across when I’m completely realistic, which can be often. When I read that I got judging instead of perceiving, I originally viewed it as negative. After looking up the definition, I can definitely agree that it is right. I do like for decisions to be made, to know what’s going on and to have structure. Overall, I can certainly agree that the ISTJ type is fairly accurate.

I was impressed how well the tests worked, and intrigued by what they had to say about me.


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